Sexuality and Holiness (from the book of the same title)

Manhood and Womanhood

   We are made up of a body, soul and spirit. Our body exhibits our behavior. We are aided by our physical senses as we process and receive input. Our soul has three dimensions: mind, emotions, and will. The mind is the place/realm where we think, dream, imagine and sometimes also live. Emotions are what we feel and experience (hatred, bitterness, kindness, compassion, etc.). Emotions direct our thought life. The will is the place where we make or take decisions. Our spirit is breathed into us by God. When God breathed into us we became living souls (soul + spirit). This is where our sexuality resides. Our spirit is dead due to our fallen nature and hence, we operate our sexuality only via our body and soul. God, the Creator wants to recreate our fallen sexuality. Most of our psychological issues and distress is because of a distorted sexuality which can be defiled, marred, suppressed, or even dead.   


 Sexuality refers to our manhood or our womanhood which includes our attributes such as being a husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, etc., but it is misconstrued as a bodily instinct or drive rather than the core of our being residing within our very spirit. When God created us, He created us with His holy image upon us. Our sexuality was created pure, but the enemy of mankind wants to make it impure and destroy our sexuality. Hence, our sexuality must be redeemed and restored!  

Our sexuality is different from our personality. Personality is our person-hood- who you are as a person. It is defined by strengths, weaknesses, abilities, talents, communication skills, leadership skills and such. As we train and develop our personalities, we must train and develop our sexuality its moral purity!

To ensure that we have a transformed sexuality, we must understand who we are and of what we are made. People are deceived into making sexuality a sexual thing. 

Defiled Sexuality

 Sin causes sexuality to be broken. Every brokenness in sexuality is caused by one or many arrows. These arrows produce a deep feeling of wellness or well-being in the secret places of our hearts, but eventually these arrows hurt, wound, destroy, and kill what God has created to be pure and whole. Broken Sexuality starts with Incite - being shot with arrows such as defiling words and conversations and pictures. Inciting produces a negative bonding wit the person and the situation. A Negative bond is more difficult to break than positive bonding, because there is a dark force exercising its power. 

If the arrows are not extinguished, it leads to the next stage - Ignite. the arrows that are buried in the heart begin to now burn with passion. If a person doesn't repent for his act or thought, his sexuality becomes defiled which leads to its consequences like a diseased or wounded or lost or aborted or marred or suppressed or even dead sexuality.  

Perverted Sexuality

  The heart changes its direction which leads to a perversion and deviance. Perversion makes us to doubt God’s laws and ordinances that had been written on our hearts. The perverse power kills God's order of things and brings confusion in our sexuality. Different types of perversion are perversion towards self, same-sex, children, perversion of eyes and towards one’s own family.   

The Good News

  A broken and perverted sexuality is not the end of the story. Traditionally, however, counselling tends to end here, pointing out to the individual their weakness, vulnerability and distorted state. Some may go little further to help people cope or even normalize their behaviour. The concept of complete healing or transformation are unspoken of. We believe and proclaim the good news, though- that there is unlimited healing through counselling by the Holy Spirit which comes about through sanctification and deliverance! 

What is sanctification? Sanctification of sexuality is the washing of our sexuality with the blood of Jesus and then receiving the revelation Word from Him in our sexuality and allowing the work of the Holy Spirit in this area of our life. Sanctification means to surrender our sexuality to God. 

We simply have to pray: Lord, I accept and confess that my sexuality is defiled and I ask for forgiveness. I renounce all confusion, emotional disturbances and manipulation in Jesus' Name. I allow the blood of Jesus Christ to sanctify my sexuality. Let all the power of arrows, power of defilement be broken in Jesus' Name. I pray that the Son of God will close the gates of hell over my sexuality. Amen!

Pure Sexuality

  A broken sexuality needs healing, restoration and transformation which can only happen when the client repents and seeks for forgiveness through renouncing and cancelling the effects of unclean spirits and bondage to sin. 

TCC counsellors are equipped to lead the client through this process. 

A perverted sexuality can be healed through denouncing the perversion present in them and allowing the sexuality to be crucified with Christ and receiving a new heart through His resurrection with His laws rewritten on it. Thus, receiving a revived conscience!