The counsellor's consortium

To Teach and Train the body of Christ 

Holy Spirit Led Counseling

The Counsellor's Consortium

  The Counsellor’s Consortium is a network of Christian mental health professionals and Christian professional counsellors who have yielded to the mentoring and working of the Holy Spirit in their profession. 

                                 Our vision: “Holy People…Holy Nations…” 

                                 Our mission: To teach and train the body of Christ in matters of sexuality and holiness, pre-marital and marital life, pre-marital and marriage counselling, Christian counselling (Word based, Christ centered and Holy Spirit led).  

Why The Counsellor’s Consortium and How Is It Different from Others?

Secular counselling theories have particular end goals that are conducive to the betterment of clients in different ways and to a certain extent. For example: 

- Psychoanalytic theoretical orientation focuses on conflict resolution 

- Person-centred theoretical orientation focuses on self-actualization 

- Behaviour theoretical orientation focuses on behaviour modification  

- Cognitive theoretical orientation focuses on symptom resolution 

At The Counsellor’s Consortium, we believe in an end goal of reconciliation with God and others, renewal of the spirit and soul, and the restoration of God’s holy image within us. In the above theoretical orientations, the key stakeholder is the client. Whereas, in Holy Spirit led counselling, which is the orientation of TCC, God the Holy Spirit is the key stakeholder. With God as the key stakeholder, we are confident in results of healing and transformation. Holy Spirit led counselling is a process which involves a removal or breaking down of all barriers and bondages, which will enable the counselee to gain insight into root issues which may be hidden, causing problems in his or her life.   

Progression Counseling

Holy Spirit led counseling is a kind of progression counseling. For example, 

Secular Counselling relies on the help and hope derived from one knowledgeable person to another.   

Biblical counselling relies on the truths of the Word of God to produce wise counsel.  

Christ centered counselling relies on biblical truths AND the reality of Jesus Christ (Eg. Salvation, redemption, forgiveness)    

Holy Spirit led counselling relies on biblical truths AND the reality of Jesus Christ AND the expression of the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a conglomeration of the Word, Anointing and Authority. The Word is the Sword of the Spirit used to kill the enemy (deceptive spirits, strongholds, bondages, etc.). The Anointing is the power to deliver and heal. The Authority is the legal right which is bestowed on us by Jesus Christ for transformation, healing, deliverance, sanctification, and restoration.    


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